Monday, January 09, 2012

Throw-Away Society

I truly believe we live in a throw-away society. You don't repair anything anymore, you just replace it. I am as guilty as the next one. Look at printers. It is cheaper to buy a new printer than new ink cartridges in many cases. Computers aren't much different. I bought a new laptop in June 2010 and it is already so antiquated, if it broke, I would probably just buy a new one. I often wonder about reconditioned laptops or reconditioned cameras. Do they work as well? Do they last as long? Considering the cost of new and our frequency in replacing, it is something to consider.

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BeckiM said...

All of my laptops (3?) have been reconditioned ones from Tiger Direct (with one tablet type from a flea market place). You can get an extended warranty from Tiger so it really is no different from buying a new one except a lot cheaper. I have had really good luck -- one broke but with the extended warranty, they replaced it for me.