Saturday, January 07, 2012

Cheeseburgers in Stars Hollow

I tried a new recipe today from The Pioneer Woman's website. I believe this might be the first one for me. There are many sites and bloggers out there who make fun of the redhead and granted, she makes it pretty easy. But I find her more interesting than say, Paula Deen?

Gasp! Yes, I said it. I am not a Paula Deen fan. If that causes you to quit reading. Well, I am sorry. Take care, and have a great life.

If you are still here, thanks for sticking around.

Okay, back to the redhead on the range's recipe. Cheeseburger Salad.

And it was good.

I made it exactly to the recipe. Are you shocked? I know I typically tweak and alter based on my tastes or ingredients on hand, but this time - true to the letter. I meant to tweak it. I meant to add bacon - because, well do I really need to explain why? Everything is better with bacon. But I forgot the bacon because I was watching The Gilmore Girls rerun and it was the one where Rory took her grandmother to the Independence Inn and showed her the potting shed and Emily Gilmore ran away in shock. I love the Gilmore Girls. Sigh. I wish they would come back.

Here is a little bit of trivia for you. Did you know the house exterior of the old Dragonfly Inn is actually the exterior used for the house on The Waltons? It was dismantled from its original lot location that was used when filming the Waltons, and was placed on another set for Gilmore Girls. Isn't that cool?

Where was I? Oh yes, I forgot the bacon. So sue me.

I also burnt the first batch of melted butter because it was when Emily and Lorelai were yelling at each other about the new and "much better than the potting shed" room she created for Rory. Ah family drama. It reaches across all socio-economic boundaries.


Kim said...

I think we may be sisters separated at birth or something - I too dislike Paula Deen (shudder!) and love the Gilmour girls - I now watch parenthood just to see the actress that played Lorelai (who I still think of as Lorelai) but isn't quite as witty as Lorelai. Oh and I miss Luke too.

Melody said...

I didn't watch Gilmore Girls when they first came out. A friend told me "I had to watch them" when he discovered I hadn't. He was so right. So we Netflixed it season by season and was immediately in love with the wit and writing.

Paula Deen makes me nauseous.