Wednesday, April 11, 2012

C-R-A-Z-Y or C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E?


Okay, I get it. Why would anyone still be reading this blog since I have been AWOL for four months. I am so sorry. No real excuses, other than life.

But I am coming back with a bang! I have been writing on my walls again. This time I am not using chalk, I am playing games.

It was inspired by this photo I found on Pinterest.

I decided I didn't want pieces that large and as nice as it is to have them look authentic to the Scrabble pieces, our walls are cream and as much as I'd like to change that fact, I can't. Our open floor plan in the living area means if you paint one vaulted wall, you paint them all. So I have resolved that all art and wall hangings will have color to compensate for the boring background color.

How did I do it?

The first step and hardest is deciding what you want to say. I enlisted creative opinions from my witty and creative co-worker that you already know. His help was priceless.

Like in real estate, location, location and location. Where are you going to hang these will help determine what you say and how much you say.

Once you have this figured out, I advise you lay it out on paper or a computer. I used the latter. Then I could rearrange them as I wanted until I was satisfied.

Next was deciding what size and material to use. Since I wanted to hang them with the Command stick-ons, it needed to be lightweight. So I went with canvas tiles, like artists use. You can get these in any shape and size and thickness. I found mine on eBay and they were 4x4 canvas tiles that were 1/4" thick.

Next I weighed using one color or multiple and as you can see, I decided on complimenting bold colors that also matches our decor. I used glossy spray on paint to get that ceramic tile look.

I went back to the computer and added the color tiles to the layout so I could again play with it until I was satisfied. That step also helps when you go to put the letters on and hang them. You just follow your layout.

If you have a steady hand at stenciling, go for it. I, however, know my limitations. So I chose to use vinyl stick-on letters purchased at your local office supply. I used 3" letters and 1/2" point values. You can get these in white, black or red.

I chose white.

Hanging was easy with the Command stick-on poster adhesives. The tiles weigh nothing so why bother with nails or more wall damaging hardware.

I advise you to use a level because no matter how good of an eye you think you have, the slightest difference can be noticeable and exaggerated.

I started at one of the points of the layout where they make the corner so I could align it and be sure I would clear anything permanent on the wall, like the thermostat, lights, etc. Much like anything worth doing, I started with US.

Voila! I like. What do you think?

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Gnightgirl said...

Love it! I want to do this in my office!