Friday, December 09, 2011

To Dos, not Ta Das

I have one more week of work left and then I am off until January 3, 2012. That is exactly seventeen days off in a row. Pretty cool.

However, I tend to get bored without things to do. So I am making a "To Do" list full of fun and practical things I need or want to do. Let's see how many I actually accomplished come next year.

  • Get a haircut
  • Bake Christmas goodies
  • Clean out closet
  • Organize shoes and purses
  • Read at least one book.
  • Finish editing my book.
  • Go to Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati with my Mom and sister.
  • Put a jigsaw puzzle together.
  • Go to the dog park.
  • Clean out/organize kitchen desk area.
  • Go to Tickled Pink Memorabilia Mall.
  • Organize pantry.
  • Imbibe, maybe a lot
  • Create something in my project room.

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