Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

To all my blogger friends, I wish you a very Merry Christmas. Here is hoping your holidays are full of eggnog, friends, rum, family, more rum, good food, good wine, rest and joy (which will be much more likely with the rum).

We spent Christmas Eve with the in-laws and here is a snippet of a conversation that repeated itself no less than ten times in one hour. Let me set the stage for mother-in-law is mid-level Alzheimer's and ADD, my father-in-law has had his knee joint removed after numerous knee replacements that went bad, so he is fairly immobile, my sister-in-law and her two kids (9 and 11) live with them (in the basement). It was all of them and the two of us.

David brought his mother a bouquet of roses for Christmas. The second he hit the door, she started crying.

"I can't believe you brought me these beautiful flowers." She cried and cried. Then she set them in the middle of the coffee table. Every five to ten minutes....

"Oh my god, those are beautiful flowers. Where did they come from?"
"They are from David and Melody, Mom." (someone would say).

The crying starts again.

Two minutes later, "I can't see shit with those damn flowers in my way."

"Well, let's move them..."

"Where did they come from?"

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I also noticed that her language has gotten even worse, if that is possible. Few sentences were said without a curse word and or inappropriate references. Fortunately, his family are slightly bawdy anyway so you either ignore it or laugh at it.

We are thankful she still knows who we are and can take care of herself, somewhat.

When we left, we both agreed that his sister deserves a sympathy card.

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Kim said...

Hi melody - I replyed to your post on my blog - seriously thinking of opening an Etsy shop.