Monday, March 21, 2011


The river is starting to go down around here. For the past week or so many roads have been closed due to flooding.

I drive what is called River Road to and from work every day. I could take the interstate, but I enjoy the scenic view and peaceful drive. Obviously by its name, it follows the twists and turns of the river.

As the river began rising, I watched it creep closer and closer to the homes, cars, and docks with each trip. Until it reached the road and I could no longer take that route.

I can only imagine the hassle and mess it left those homes and buildings in. I see now as I am able to drive it again, the garbage -- limbs, dead weeds, litter -- that it has left all along the roadways. That is also probably inside some of the homes.

We have a small pump we use to drain the hot tub, but I can only imagine the size and expense of engine driven pumps that must be needed for such a job.

I feel sorry for those folks, but then again...they live on the river. I suppose they are used to it.

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