Thursday, March 17, 2011


If I were a witch, I would send out a curse...

If I were a Muslim, I would issue a jihad...

If I were Islamic, I would declare a fatwah...

But because I am an American....I will swear.


All this on the people who spend their lives conspiring to steal from and fraud others.

Some of you may have received an email from me declaring my desperation in Wales after being mugged. Never worry - I am home and we are fine. Other than being pissed off.

They not only sent out an email in my name, they hijacked my Facebook account, Yahoo email account, Gmail account, and my blogger account. They changed the passwords so I had no access.

To make matters worse, Yahoo and Facebook treat you like the criminal in trying to prove who you are. I have yet to gain access to either and have no confidence that I will. Google was great. Kudos to them.

In fact, I am changing my primary email account to the Gmail account for future use, whether I get my Yahoo back or not.

So if I had your email address in the past, or you would like me to have it now, please email me at melodyk99 at gmail dot com.

And thank you for all those who called to see if we're okay. In the middle of this huge hassle, it was heartwarming to know so many care.

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