Monday, February 07, 2011


I flew to Albuquerque yesterday (does anyone else have a hard time spelling that?). All in all an uneventful flight. However when I got to the hotel and was unpacking, I discovered that my leather jewelry travel case had been stolen.

Yes I used the word stolen. The side pocket of my bag where it was securely placed was zipped. It isn't like it came open and fell out. The middle zip compartment was half open when it came off the luggage turnstile. Fortunately I've found nothing missing there - they must have given up at that point. My prescription glasses/case were in there and I am so thankful they didn't fall out. Those cost more or as much as my cosmetic sterling silver jewelry.

What upsets me is Southwest Airlines' reaction - "_____". Nothing.

"We don't cover jewelry loss."

First off, why not? Is there not an easier thing your employees could grab and steal? I get that I could say there was a $2,000 diamond necklace in there instead of the $350 worth of necklaces and earrings. But what if I said my laptop was stolen - do they cover that?

By the way, I had a laptop in my large checked bag. I wrapped it in bubble wrap and packed it in the middle of my clothes. When I opened my suitcase, Homeland Security left me a love note saying they had been through my suitcase. The bubble wrap had been opened up and resecured with Homeland Security tape. I had to laugh.

The point is - they did all that and managed to not have sticky fingers. Why can't Southwest Airlines' employees be as upstanding.

I have spent years working in customer service, employee engagement and employee satisfaction. Southwest Airlines has always been upheld as the litmus test for us all. I have been to conferences hosted by them at their facility and they are all about their employees and providing quality customer service.

What the hell happened here? I expected so much more from Southwest Airlines....from people.

As much as I prefer Southwest's boarding procedures, costs and festival seating - I am afraid this will be my last flight on this once stellar customer service provider.

Their fall from grace is sad.

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La Vita e BELLA - Life is Beautiful said...

Oh Great! We are flying Southwest next week. I hope we don't have anything missing.