Friday, October 22, 2010

Here we go again

Maybe it is because of my poor diet lately or lack of time to care for my skin, but my complexion is probably worse than it has ever been. Aaah! It is even itchy, almost rash-like. I suppose the increased stress isn't helping either. Seems I can't win for losing.

Back to the drawing board and back to finding acne treatment products that work.

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Kim said...

I started using Proactiv a couple months ago after using all kinds of stuff to get rid of my break outs. I have rosaeca and so my skin is very sensitive. I used Proactiv for a week (I bought the 2 month supply BTW) and it completely cleared me up. I am not good with sticking to a skin care regime, so continued using it for about a month and have now stopped and my skin is still great!