Thursday, October 21, 2010

I work with a freakin' genius.

I am also happy to say he is my dear friend.

Here is the latest musings from my co-worker:

On this day in recorded history, only terrible, horrible, no good,
very bad things occurred, so we’ll have to wander back into
prehistory. In 10404 BC, Zog and Wook were walking home
from a hard day at the quarry when Zog noticed Vooba, the
attractive cave-lady from the other side of the village who still
had most of her teeth. Zog made some guttural sounds in her
general direction. Wook was horrified at his friend’s behavior,
so he clubbed Zog on the head and said, “Hey! respect pretty
cave-lady, she someone’s daughter maybe sister too”. Now
Wook was no looker, but his behavior was so highly regarded
that all the cave-ladies became hopelessly attracted to him. They
held a contest to see who would be Wook’s cave-wife. At each
elimination, Wook handed a chicken foot to the cave-ladies who
were going forward to the next round. It was really no contest,
though, because Wook was completely smitten by Drongo, a
pleasant cave-lady with hardly any lice. Eventually they had a
large family and many of their children survived well into their
twenties. Zog, due to his poor manners, had difficulty finding a
cave-wife. Eventually he had to turn to a dating service where
people posted cave drawings of themselves to try to make a love
connection. So as you go through life, it’s good to be a Wook,
but not so much to be a Zog.

Did you laugh as hard as I did?

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