Sunday, September 19, 2010

A New Gem in Chinese Restaurants

Recently another Chinese restaurant opened up in our neighborhood and as you can imagine, no one was surprised. They are almost as common as the Mexican restaurants that open up on every other corner in America on a daily basis.

But tonight, we were hungry, tired and didn't want to drive too far for an evening meal. So we decided, "what the heck" and pulled into Peking City Bistro. A decision we do not regret.

The interior was nicely and tastefully decorated. We entered at the same time as another couple who asked us our opinion of their food as they had never tried it before. Of course, we hadn't either.

Extensive menu, wine and beer offered (which is a plus for Chinese restaurants), and, could it be? Is it? Aaaah...they have scallion pancakes. I love scallion pancakes. I am already in love.

After dining on the best scallion pancake I have ever consumed and reluctantly shared with the hubby, we ordered some pan fried dumplings. For our entrees, I chose Honey Chicken and the hubby ordered Pineapple Chicken. We both enjoyed them and have enough left over for lunch tomorrow. Check out the cell phone photos of our gorgeous entrees.

If you enjoy quality Chinese food in a nice setting, check out Peking City Bistro. We will definitely be back. Probably later this week.

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