Thursday, April 08, 2010

New Religion

On a bi-weekly basis, I along with many other co-workers, get an email from another co-worker that is work-related, but always includes his musings of the day. I tell him often he should be a professional writer, or at the very least blogger, as these are always hilarious, encouraging and never fails to make my day.

Today's particular email caused me to spew diet coke all over myself as I read it. You would think I would know better.

I am going to share it here with you. I won't list his name (he is a reader and can out himself if he so desires).

"Japanese Buddhists celebrate the birth of Buddha on April 8th.
He was born around 564 BCE (or another year, depending on which
scholar you ask). There was an interesting documentary, The
Buddha, on KET2 last night. If you get a chance to see a rerun, I
recommend it. I’m kind of fascinated by Buddhist practices. I’ve
actually tried to meditate. I am OK with the whole sitting still thing,
a skill I have honed over many years of sitting on my butt doing
nothing useful; however, silencing my mind, and more importantly
my tongue, is a deal breaker for me. What I really need is a religion
that celebrates gluttony, procrastination, sloth (or just plain bone
laziness), and ceaseless prattling about nothing in general. I could
be the guru of that religion. Imagine a service where we sat around
in recliners eating carrot cake and gossiping about everyone who
wasn’t there. Sweet."

I may start a series of sharing these musings with you. I will of course share all my profits with the writer. Remember, 50% of zero is well, zero.

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Joe said...

Sounds like a real weirdo...