Thursday, April 08, 2010

Green Minded

I have an important question for you. Put down your beer, wine glass, or whatever you are holding (keep it clean folks).

When you are shopping, just general shopping, are there any particular color of items that always catch your eye? Some color that no matter if it was a new toilet scrub brush, you would give a second or third glance.

I do. And for me it is green. Any color of green. It could be a toothbrush, file folders, or disposable straws - I like green.

I guess you could say I am always green shopping.

1 comment:

Gnightgirl said...

When clothes shopping, I'm always drawn to gray and heather gray. It dawned upon me one day that a LOT of my clothes look like casual sweat-garments no matter the cut or fabric, because of this, and that I needed to stop buying this color. Still, can't pass it up, I have to go and touch it (and just picked up a dark gray hoodie in Denver).

Other than that, hot pink will make me cross the room, as far as toothbrushes, nail polish, key fobs, etc. Guess I'm a mix between drab and garrish.