Thursday, January 14, 2010

Watching Your Salt Intake?

I’ve never paid much attention to our salt intake or the high or low sodium content in our foods. Naïve? Maybe. However awhile ago I discovered a new fascination with special salts, like fleur de sel, sea salt, pink salt, etc. A friend gave us some olive salt and I’ve heard about bacon salt (must have). Now I want to collect them like spices. [hint hint if you happen to be shopping for me]

I’ve also grown a fondness for peppers like green peppercorns and I’ve been on a hunt for pink peppercorns locally with no success.

I just find the taste is better and – this will sound odd – less salty. Seriously. And I have it in my head that sea salt is less sodium and therefore healthier for us. I don’t know if that is accurate, but I choose to believe it.

So basically, no regular table salt in our house or on our table. I prefer to offer sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

My husband would like a nut shaker on the table too. Seriously, a shaker of chopped random nuts as he thinks all dishes – especially desserts – should contain nuts.

And I am worried about our sodium intake?

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