Monday, November 30, 2009

On its way to Fiji

I love the writing on The Gilmore Girls. Here is an example why. I could not find a clip of this on You Tube - imagine that? But here is the dialogue:

Reverend Boteright: You know, Rory, being a young lady comes with many gifts. Your virtue, for example, is a gift, a precious gift, possibly the most precious gift you possess.

Rory: Uh huh...

Reverend Boteright: You want to give this gift very carefully. It is a gift you can only give to one man. Once you give it, it's gone, you cant re-gift it. If you give it away too soon, to the wrong man, then when the right one does come along, you have no gift to give... you'll have to buy him a sweater. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Rory: No.

Reverend Boteright: Think long and hard about when and to whom you want to give the ultimate gift you have to give away.

Rory: Oh.

Reverend Boteright: Yes.

Rory: Oh dear...

Reverend Boteright: Oh dear indeed.

Rory: Um, well, listen, reverend, I really appreciate you taking the time out of what I assume is a busy day to come here and talk to me about... all of this, but I'm afraid the ultimate gift ship has sailed.

Reverend Boteright: What?

Rory: A while ago... it's probably in Fiji by now.

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