Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Aaaah! Can I whine?

I am very picky about my purses. I am constantly on a hunt for the perfect purse; one that is the perfect size with the perfect amount of pockets, the perfect color and material, the perfect size of pockets and the perfect strap length. It is an ongoing search that started when I was about eighteen. I find some that are close, but never perfect.

I am currently carrying a “close” one. Until today.

My ink pen broke and emptied ink all over the bottom of my bag, not only destroying the lining material but my checkbook, wallet and leaving icky messy ink all over everything from my keys to my lipstick.

I’ve used rubbing alcohol, dish washing soap, and fingernail polish remover trying to clean everything off. I need the “good” stuff, the strong stuff like you use to clean a printing press. I think it is called Anilox cleaner?

I remembered that from the school newspaper. Nothing else comes to mind easily, but cleaning products I remember. Go figure.

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Kim said...

Liquid (pump) hairspray gets out ink every time.