Monday, November 30, 2009

Which One Would You Buy?

We've all had the "what I would do if I won the lottery" conversation. Dreams of new homes, exotic trips, paying off the debt of every member of your family, or just paying them off to go away.

But seriously...if you could buy any car of your choice, money being no object, what would it be?

Many people instinctively say Porsche or Ferrari...not me. The sports car phase of my life is long gone if ever it was. I am much more into comfort and style. I would look seriously at a Lexus sedan and/or a Cadillac Escalade. But then I haven't look at all the options. I just figure the ongoing cost and up keep has got to be more reasonable than the cost of say, Ferrari parts.

Oh wait, I forgot. I won the lottery. Who cares how much it costs?


James said...

It's hard to narrow down to only ONE choice ... so, here is my short list:

Amphibious Car

Flying Car

Rocket Powered Lincoln

Flying DeLorean with Time Travel Ability

Lastly, I'd love to pull into the garage at work driving one of these:

Kim said...

Easy one for me - I don't drive so mine would be a nice comfy limo driven by some beefcake in tight ya.

MysteryGirl said...

I would love to have another Audi. I tell Husband all the time that when he becomes a millionaire, it will be the only thing I ask for.