Saturday, June 20, 2009

Taco Bell Dog

A co-worker of mine rescued a poor little chihuahua out in the storm on Wednesday. He put him in his basement, but couldn't keep him any longer. So I went and got him to get him in the rescue system and find the little feller a home.

I placed a "lost" ad in the paper for good measure.

It didn't take long after getting home to realize that though our dogs have been welcoming of every foster thus far, the size difference and attitude that the little chihuahua had made all the difference.

Cady just wanted to play but he didn't. Bear was curious but bored. Shelby was pissed like normal and went and sulked.

Jasper? Jasper wanted to eat him. I think Jasper thought he was the squirrel he had been ferociously hunting in the yard for the past week. And now we have him in a cage just for Jasper.

When the dogs were outside and we let him out of the crate, the little feller warmed up quite nicely to us and you could tell was craving human lovins.

Fortunately later in the evening the co-worker that originally found him called and they had discovered a flyer in their neighborhood with his picture on it. Shortly after that the owners called and we arranged to meet them to return him to his very panicky owners.

It was an older couple and the old man was crying when he saw "Paco". They tried to give us money. The hubs told them to take the money, get the dog fixed and micro chipped. We supplied a collar of which he didn't have before, so add some tags to that as well please.

Jasper was very sad when we returned.

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