Friday, June 19, 2009

Off the cuff

I've seen garlic scapes at the farmer's market and I've read how others have used them, but I confess - I am a garlic scape virgin.

This weekend I couldn't pass them up. I knew we were at the end of their season so it was my last chance. I also grabbed a fennel bulb.

With those, chicken tenderloins and red bell pepper - I made dinner!

I chopped up the fennel, garlic scapes and pepper - sauteed it with some olive oil. Halfway through I added the chicken, let it brown for a minute on each side and then put a lid on it to steam to doneness.

I then removed the chicken, deglazed the pan with a little marsala wine, added some Tropicana Valencia with Mango juice, salt and pepper and of course, butter.

Once thickened, I added the chicken back and it was dinner time!

And it was good.

Maybe I don't need those hundreds of cookbooks I own after all.

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