Sunday, June 21, 2009

Frosty Paws

In this insufferable heat and humidity, there are few pleasures more appreciated than ice cream.

The same goes for dogs. Except by nature they are lactose intolerant which is why they often return the delicacy to you later :-))

Never fear, Purina is here. For several years now we've been giving our puppies an occasional treat of Frosty Paws. These frozen concoctions arrive in little containers reminiscent of elementary school ice cream cups sans the wooden spoons.

Our dogs get excited when the box shows up for they know cool and tasty pleasures it contains.

I tried to get shots of the dogs when given their cups as they each one grab it by the edge with their teeth and trot off to some safe place to savour their dish. But they move so fast I couldn't get anything but a blur.

These photos show them in their perspective corners chowing down keeping a watchful eye on anyone or thing that dare to take away their prize.

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La Vita e BELLA - Life is Beautiful said...

Well, Bella loves them but than....we see it again on the kitchen floor. I don't know if she ate hers to fast but we no longer buy them. That is good that your dogs enjoy them.