Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Culinary Creations

At our house, when I go to the kitchen with no plan or recipe, we call it "door knock dinners".

Do you remember the FoodTV show a few years back where Gordon somebody showed up at your door unannounced with a professional chef and you had to let him in your kitchen to prepare a gourmet meal with whatever was available? It was called Door Knock Dinners. Hence...

Last night was a door knock dinner.

I took fresh asparagus tips, linguine, lemon zest, pancetta bacon, pesto sauce and sesame honey coated cashews to create this:

What's in your pantry?


Gnightgirl said...

Our Door Knock dinner from 2 nights ago?

1 big fat butterfly pork chop (slice paper thin) dried shiitake mushrooms (rehydrate), stir fry with ginger & garlic (serve over rice with scrambled eggs)

Red cabbage, red pepper, cilantro: asian slaw with sauce made from rice wine vinegar, oil, soy sauce, brown sugar, peanut butter, garlic & ginger.

Kim said...

Looks amazing! Reminds me I have some fresh asparagus I need to use.

Most of my meals are door knock dinners - I rarely follow recipes - I just read them for ideas then do my own thing.

One favorite creation is to grill a bunch of veggies, asparagus, sliced zuchinni, roma tomato halves, sliced portabellos....then chop them up, and toss with hot pasta and your favorite italian-type salad dressing - some grated parm and you are good to go!