Thursday, July 17, 2008

Juice of all juices.

I mentioned awhile back that I had discovered Tropicana's Pure juices. Have you?

This stuff is the nectar of gods.

I will be honest when I first saw the commercial on TV for the Raspaberry Acai I was like "it's only juice people - God you make it sound better than sex".

Well just might be. At least a close second.

The first flavor I tried was the Valencia Mango. This is great to drink alone or as a mixer with some vanilla vodka for a kicked up dreamsicle. I'll admit it right up front - they all make a good mixer with vanilla vodka.

The next one I tried was the Pomegranite Blueberry - crazy yum. They all have this wonderful silk-like texture that is smooth, not acidic, and sweet, but not sugary-sweet.

The straight Valencia is again, just perfect.

The one in my fridge currently that I am savoring is Peach Papaya Mango.

Go get yourself some - today.


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

I almost bought the pure valencia the other day. I used to have a valencia orange tree at my old house. I miss the fresh juice so much. I will pick some up next time I am at the store.

Kim said...

Man now I have to go shopping.

Melody said...

My favorite is the Valencia Mango - just bought some more.

I am having a party in a few weeks and I think I'll get the raspberry acai and make margaritas with it. I'll let you know how that goes.

MysteryGirl said...

I've been eyeing this stuff. I was going to try the pomegranite first, but you may have convinced me to go with valencia mango instead. Hell, maybe I'll just get both!

MysteryGirl said...

I just got the juice. It is on sale at my grocery store for $3.99 this week. Is that a good price? I might have to stock up.

Yummy indeed. Oh so yummy. I already drank half the bottle.

Melody said...

There are two different sizes depending on the flavor. The larger size usually runs $3.99-$4.29 here and the smaller about $3.79-$3.99. I found it at Whole Foods the other day for 2/$8.00 and snagged a couple large ones.