Friday, July 18, 2008

Reliving My Youth

Actually that’s not even true. As a teenager I never had problems with acne – had plenty of other problems, but not zits.

As a 40+ woman, I have more problems now than my entire teenage years with skin blemishes.

I see commercials on TV for things like Proactiv acne cream and as much as I can’t stand Jessica Simpson, I am tempted.

But apparently there are other options out there. I guess I need to quit whining and do something about it.


MysteryGirl said...

I tried the proactiv kit several years ago. I was going to be in a wedding so about 4 months beforehand I ordered it so I could test it out. I really think it works. The best part about it is the mask. That mask is a total miracle!
What I use right now and have been using for quite sometime is the Velocity cleanser & moisturizer by MaryKay. I guess it is marketed toward teenagers, but it is great stuff.

Melody said...

gonna look it up - gotta do something