Sunday, June 01, 2008

The best meal I've ever had - ever.

These were the words my father-in-law used today after dinner. Wow.

Admittedly he is fairly easy to impress, but I have made many a meal for him and we dine out with them frequently.

The menu?

Radish and Green Onion Dip w/Crackers

Asian Braised Short Ribs with Cranberry-Teriyaki Glaze

Broccoli-Strawberry Salad

Roasted Potatoes & Peppers

Country Cheddar Bread

Glazed Strawberry Pie w/fresh vanilla whipped cream

The good thing is I have leftovers for my lunch this week. Gotta love that.


MysteryGirl said...

You slay me.
I think my family would die if I presented a meal like that. In my next life, I hope I can be a better cook.

Melody said...

It is all perspective. To many I am sure I would be a hack. I just love entertaining. Just think, if you all lived in KY you could partake frequently.

I had to say that - it has been awhile.

nejyerf said...

i am drooling!

and if you packed the leftovers for lunch you would totally win the lunch challenge!!

MysteryGirl said...

Thanks for the reminder!

see you soon