Sunday, May 25, 2008

My husband is seeing another woman.

I think I have mentioned before how we question whether our house is haunted.

Remember the orbs? And then those in these pictures that I chose to ignore?

Other things have happened that we have kind of joked about, a bit nervously....

  • Several times the front door has been found unlocked. We never use the front door. We enter and exit from the garage.

  • Where I sit in the evenings watching television in proximity to the glass doors on the entertainment center gives me a reflection of the stairs behind me going up and down. There is motion in those reflections quite frequently. I can never see a distinct form, but it is movement in my peripheral.

  • About a month ago, my husband was home before me. He was upstairs in our bathroom and he heard what sounded like the garage door raising and me pulling into the garage and then coming into the house. He said it sounded like I had had a bad day because I was slamming things around. He came down to see me and found nothing. Then he started hearing noises coming from the basement that sounded like someone was beating on the duct work (no AC or furnace was even turned on due to nice weather). He decided that he had finally caught whoever had been getting in the house through the front door so he grabbed a club and a knife and headed to the basement. He found nothing.

I feel the need to say that I believe in ghosts and paranormal things. My husband does not. He is a skeptic and cynic.

Last evening, my parents and us were sitting at the dining room table. I was helping my mother activate her new cell phone and transfer phone numbers. We were all chatting as we did this. It was still daylight but not by much. At a pause in the conversation, we all heard a female voice very loudly say "Knock, Knock". We all looked to the patio door because that was the direction the voice came from. There was no one there.

It is important to note that we have a fenced yard and the gates are padlocked because of the dogs. You would have to scale a fence and climb stairs up the deck to get to our patio door.

Obviously we were all a bit spooked. It was at this point my husband chose to tell me something he had been withholding for over two weeks.

He came down in the middle of the night (about 3:00am) to let the dogs out one night. This is very typical. As he came down the stairs and started towards the patio door he saw an old woman in her gown standing in our atrium. In a moment, she was gone.

Holy shit!

What I am supposed to do with that information?


Gnightgirl said...

My arm hairs are standing on end! I don't know what you're to do with that info.

I had a ghostie when I first moved into this house, 4 years ago. The manual, dial-style thermostat seemed to move itself, I'd come home in September to find the furnace set to 98 degrees, and blasting. Walk into the bathroom to find the water running full blast. I mentally wrote these things off until one evening I stood in the kitchen after cleaning the heck out of it. One piece of paper sat on the counter, and as I was quietly contemplating my next move, it transferred itself 4 feet across the counter... As if someone had laid a finger on it and pulled it over to take a look.

I spent the night with a friend.

My ghostie is currently napping.

MysteryGirl said...

This is C-R-A-Z-Y!!
I totally believe all of it.
And...I'm freaked out.
I don't know what else to tell you. At least it all seems very harmless. Just remember, you aren't ever alone. I'd be checking that lock on the front door every 5 minutes, but then again, I may have a touch of OCD.
Keep the stories coming about this.

Melody said...

We are the third owner of this place. The first lived here less than a year and was transferred. The second lived here for 28 years and raised two kids. They are in their early 50's and still alive - assholes but still alive.

I was told by someone that this area was a civil war battlefield ages ago, but who knows.

So far, she is passive. I can live with that.