Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I am a writer

I was parked at a shaded table by the pool today, tapping away on my laptop. It isn't the most convenient or comfortable place to write, but at some point you must leave your room so the housekeepers can come in and do their thing.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here on Jekyll Island. Upper 70's, nice breeze, and the sun is shining.

I was alone at first, but gradually, one by one, senior citizens began to appear. It could be worse, it could be kids.

They reminded me of roaming animals. At first they remained a group and welcomed each new member with a "nice day isn't it?" and "have you been in the pool? the water is very cold." I heard these same comments over and over and over.

Then they began to branch out. One lady wanted to read and obviously the other lady didn't get the hint, i.e. the lady had her head buried in a book. So she feigned wanting more shade and moved to the clear opposite side of where the rest of the senior citizen brigade were planted. Then her husband made a show of getting ready to swim. After he removed his shoes and his shirt, repeatedly laid out his towel in the perfect place, he dove head first into this pool that he had been warned numerous times, "was very cold."

After three laps, he retreated to his chaise in the sun where I could his chest rising and lowering a very fast pace. I considered for a few moments whether I remembered any CPR, just in case.

The chatty lady wasn't about to let her prey get away. So she wandered over to the reader and chatted a one-sided conversation for a few minutes and then sought out her next target.

Oh shit. I think it's me.

I kept my head down and tapped, tapped away making no sense on the keyboard, but if she thinks I am really busy, maybe she'll pass me by.

No such luck.

This is a very dense woman.

"Honey, you shouldn't be working on vacation," my intruder stated.

I smiled, and replied that I wasn't working. I hesitated for a moment and added, "I am a writer."

I have never, ever said that before. Eeek!

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