Saturday, July 14, 2012

Crafty Like a Fox

I have been off work for the past week and though I haven't been as productive as I originally planned, partly due to unexpected funerals and partly due to sheer laziness of reading on the porch in lieu of actually doing something. Though I don't feel bad about the latter at all. It was vacation, after all.

So let me share a couple projects I did manage to complete. Remember my Scrabble wall tiles? Well I continued playing.

I think it looks much more complete this way. I am sure we will continue to add a word here or there over time. We have tiles left and the game never ends until you are out of tiles.

The other project has no real purpose, but it something I have admired on Pinterest for quite some time. So I took some old candlesticks I picked up here and there for next to nothing and some old pickle jars and the like and....voila!

Just imagine them full of candies and ornaments at Christmas.

I also worked on another project, but I am not happy with it as of yet. I will continue to tweak and if it works, I will share it then.

So I go back to work on Monday, but this little venture into creating was a refreshing reminder of how much I like doing it so I hope to have more to share in the future. I need to do more of it and less of say, watching television or surfing the Internet. Don't worry my peeps (or peep as it probably is), that doesn't refer to my time with you.

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