Friday, January 06, 2012

Knock on Wood

My mother is very superstitious. We weren't allowed to walk around the opposite side of a post, column or obstruction if we were walking down the street or sidewalk because apparently that meant we would argue. So that is the reason.

Obviously we couldn't walk under a ladder and if you opened a pocket knife, you had to be the one to close it or someone would get cut. You are dealing with a knife, the odds are already in your favor that someone would get cut.

If your ear itched, someone was talking about you. If your palm itched, you were going to get money. If your nose itched, you were going to have company. Right.

If you said something you didn't want to happen, you knocked on wood. If she couldn't find anything wooden within reach, she would use her head, or ours. That explains a lot.

So in the spirit of knocking on wood, I'd like to say that without much effort and probably due to a change in medicine, I have lost 15 lbs 18.5 (I weighed today) in the past three months. I hope this continues, especially the part about not much effort. But now that I have spoken (written) about it....I might get cut, no wait, I might have money coming out of my nose from company.

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