Saturday, March 12, 2011


I am not a serious couponer, but I feel somewhat giddy when I have a coupon for something I already planned to buy. I think you can spend way more than you save by purchasing only what you have coupons for because you get in that "oh no it is about to expire" panic and end up with a pantry full of junk. It also seems like most coupons are for processed foods.

However, when I have one for cheese, yogurt or something I actually buy and eat - yeah!

Another thing I do to save a few bucks is check for promotional codes/coupons when I purchase something online. Just google the merchant and promotional code and voila! I rarely come up with none at all. At the minimum, 10% off and hey that usually pays for shipping. I have used that for Kohls, Zazzle, and even found coupons to use for a recent birthday gift.

I love saving money when I can. Because then I can spend more...hee hee.

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