Thursday, January 13, 2011

That Dog O'Mine

Oscar has really come into his own. When we first adopted him, he was a little skiddish of David. He had been mistreated by a man (almost always a man) so he was a little unsure of where they stood at times. Maybe that is why he and I bonded so well and so fast. Don't get me wrong, he loves David and David loves him.

But a side effect of Oscar feeling very comfortable with us is that he steals our stuff. He stops by the end table and is just tall enough to "shop".

"Hmm....this note pad looks yummy, or maybe these reading
glasses. Yes I believe I feel like the taste of plastic in my
mouth today."
I have lost four pairs of reading glasses in the past couple months. Thank God it isn't my expensive prescription eyeglasses, but nevertheless it is pain.

I have taken to hiding them in the kleenex box. Little culprit.

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