Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sounds of Appreciation

Today was cold. Though the temperature was probably higher than the past few days, it felt colder. Maybe it was because we went to the dog park and no matter how many layers I had on (3), it was cold. The dogs didn't notice, which was good, but we did.

So after we got home I needed to find a way to get warm from the inside out and nothing does that better than comfort food.

Today's menu: Chicken Cacciatore and Pimento Cheese Crostinis.

It was yummy. I found a great a recipe over on Southern With a Twist for the chicken and the crostinis are courtesy of Down Home with the Neely's. Much like Paula Deen, I can't stand to watch the shows because of the overacting and fake accents - but I like their recipes.

Sharp cheddar, mild cheddar, pimentos, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, mayo and pepper make up the spread.

Top with crumbled bacon after baking. Because it isn't decadent enough already.

The ragu for this dish could be used for so many things. It was so good - I don't even need the meat.

Many noises of food appreciation came from hubby while devouring his plate. None were discernible words, but I knew what he meant.

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