Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's All Fluffy Here

I love marshmallows. You know that. Peeps are my favorite seasonal treat and marshmallow shakes from Dairy Queen are to die for.

I have long wanted to make homemade marshmallows but found myself intimidated enough to never try. Until today.

And it was a great success.

Start with a very well oiled dish coated with powdered sugar. You really can't put too much here.

Then after you beat it forever, you can move it into your dish with a well oiled spatula.

It is so pretty and glossy. But wait at least 4 hours to cut it. Trust me, it will be hard to wait.

Then you turn it out onto a very, very well covered board in powdered sugar.

And start cutting. Spray your knife with Pam and then keep it coated with powdered sugar between each cuts.

I bagged them four to a bag and be sure you seal them very well with a twist tie. They have a short shelf life as is.

I started with vanilla bean, but now that I know I can make them - the flavors are endless.

Bacon Marshmallows?

I also made homemade hot chocolate mix and bagged it. All together with some homemade bread and mini bottles of Kahlua - they make great gifts.


Becki said...

They look yummy!

La Vita e BELLA - Life is Beautiful said...

Cody and I are looking at your pictures saying "Wow"..."Wow"..."WoW"..."we want some". haha

Joe said...

Maybe not bacon (I know, total shock coming from a confirmed bacon lover). I bet one of those melting in a cup of cocoa would be "eyes rolling back in your head, give me a cigarette" good.

Melody said...

LOL - I like that description and would affirm they were "that" good.