Saturday, November 20, 2010

I need your help

Our Christmas vacation project is renovating our loft. It is the last room in our home still stuck in the 1970's -- brass bar sink, ugly dark oak cabinets, gold metal back splash with glass shelves and worst of all - brassy gold light over the pool table.

So, the plan is to rip down the gold metal back splash, glass shelves and shelf tracks, and oak trim. Paint the wall with a caramel venetian plaster paint. Take the doors off all the cabinets and paint the doors and cabinets and very dark bittersweet chocolate. Rip off the ugly fake leather looking counter top and remove the ugly sink.

My sweetie is building me a real bamboo counter top and we are mounting two new cabinets (painted the same cabinets) on top of the counter built up to the ceiling to house glassware and liquor bottles in one and TV/DVD in the other. Topping those with crown moulding and replacing the door panel with plexiglass.

Whew...I am gonna be busy.

Anyway, the dilemma is what light to replace the ugly one with, and the finish on it will determine the new bar sink and faucet.

Here are the two choices I have it narrowed down to - please indicate your choice.

Light #1:

Light #2:


Kim said...

I prefer light 2 but hard to tell how big the cubes are - if they are too small, I would go with light 1

Joe said...

I like them both a lot, but #1 edges out #2 as my favorite. #2 seems a little "safe" from a color standpoint. How big are they? Is this light over the pool table?

Melody said...

Kim: They are about 5-6 inches square, very proportional.

Joe: It will be over the pool table and you know I don't do "safe". Remember the artwork in the room?