Friday, October 29, 2010

Pawn Stars (loosely interpreted)

Have you ever watched Pawn Stars? I think it is on the history channel (???) I am always amazed when I see people take their grandfather's war memorabilia or grandmother's childhood doll in to hock it and make a buck to what? go gamble in Vegas? The sentiment aside, if you really wanted to sell something for its true value, wouldn't you go somewhere a little more....upscale?

The other day this guy brought in two parade saddles that were so blinged out it was like Tiffany's and Fort Knox had a baby and the result were these saddles. This was not your ordinary horse tack, this was rock star tack. The guy says he won't take less than $16,000 dollars for the pair. He left with $8,000. Why would you settle for less unless you were desperate? Or you just wanted to be on television.

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