Thursday, October 28, 2010


We're thinking about replacing two interior doors in our home. The door to our bedroom that you see at the top of the stairs when you enter the front door, and the door to the bathroom which is right off the foyer. These are the only two doors you see from the main floor. They currently have your standard flat wooden door, though they are a nice light maple.

What I want is more contemporary looking doors to match our home. Like a rain glass paneled door with all one glass panel or 3 or four horizontal panels.

The question is, do we match the door hardware on the new doors to that on the other doors (brassy gold) or go with the nickel finish I would prefer?


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Joe said...

I vote for either matching what's already there or changing all of them to the nickel finish (my first choice). Now that you've brought it up, I'd notice if they were different.