Thursday, August 26, 2010


There are things that by their self sound wonderful to me:

  • massage
  • beach chair
  • gourmet meal
  • snowy day
  • margarita

However, there are also things that make me immediately uncomfortable:

What can I say? I know myself well.

What about you? Share your likes and dislikes. We won't judge.


Joe said...

Heated matress pad?!? What in the world do you have against them? They are one of the greatest inventions of the modern age. My life was a sad reflection of what could be until I found my heated mattress pad.

Melody said...

I hate being hot at night. I would think you would too. I turn my pillow over at least 3-4 times a night just to have the cool side.

I hate when a dog or person has been laying on my side of the bed and I get it on a warm sheet - ick!

Christie said...

I'm with Joe. I did have a heated mattress pad before I married Nanook of the North. I used to turn it on 10 about an hour before I was to get in bed; then turned it off. It was wonderful!!