Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Good To Be King

More musings by my co-worker for your enjoyment:

On this day in 1579 Francis Drake claims California for England. I
find the whole notion of just showing up somewhere and claiming
the land to be a little odd.

Maybe I should drive to some apparently deserted location, plant
a flag, and claim it for myself. Of course I’d have to come up with
a catchy name, maybe Joeland, Joeburg, Joestadt, Joenia, or

My kingdom would be known for its unkempt lawns and casual
dress code. Our primary exports would be sarcasm and acerbic
humor. Our primary imports would be La-Z-Boy recliners and
carrot cake.

The motto on the great seal would be Vas Est Dimidium Cassus
(The Cup Is Half Empty).

It’s good to be king.

Thought for the day: Only a lack of imagination saves me from
immobilizing myself with imaginary fears.

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