Monday, February 15, 2010

When in Rome...

Today it looks like the Swiss Alps outside with about 7 inches of new stuff on top of the 4-5 we already had, and it is still coming down.

So since it looked like we lived in a lodge in snowy Switzerland, I decided to stay in theme for lunch and made...fondue.

I went to my "go to" place for recipes. Simply Recipes!
I used a mixture of garden Herb Havarti and Mild Cheddar, both of which I get from my farm share each week.

By mixing it with a little flour before adding it to the wine and juice, it helps to thicken it and keep it smooth.

I also had some garlic and chive goat cheese from the farm share that I added to the plate with some sliced baguette and fresh strawberries.

What a yummy lunch.

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