Friday, January 15, 2010

Doggy Rescue Night

Tonight was our weekly Shamrock doggy rescue night where all the fosters show up to feature their pet to any interested potential adopters. It is kind of like a doggy flea market. We set up at Feeders Supply (a local pet supply store) and people get to visit with the puppies.

Of course since Paisley was adopted last week, we're are pet-less at the moment. However some fosters have more than one and it is always helpful to have somebody hold one for you. And of course, we enjoy loving on the animals.

Our animals don't love it when we come home though. We get a thorough sniff down and that look of "you've been with another dog", followed by a snort and they walk away looking so betrayed...or disappointed that we didn't bring them home...depending on the dog.

Some feature pets tonight were:

Elvis - a Beagle mix puppy. Isn't he cute?

Lola - a 1 year old lab mix. She is a sweetheart. She came from a mistreating situation and has thrived at the fosters home.

Selene - This 2 year old beagle is precious. Energetic and loving - would make a great family pet.

I want them all!

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