Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Ssshh...It is a secret!

Back in August we went to the Art for the Animals fundraiser for Shamrock. We took Bamboo (our foster at the time) to visit and mingle with all the deep pockets in the room and motivate them to donate, donate, donate.

The art was great, the food was great and of course the alcohol was great.

There was one particular art piece that caught my husband's eye. It was a huge piece (41x60) and was really bright. It was very similar to this one.

It was in the silent auction and was valued at $3,000. The bids were at around $600. David kept looking at it and going back. I urged him to bid if he wanted it, but he kept talking himself out of it. Several times since he has mentioned how much he regretted letting this piece get away.

Every year I have a horrible time figuring out what to get him because he wants for nothing. When he wants or need something, he just buys it. So this year I remembered the painting, though it is long gone, I wondered if there were other pieces that were available. Maybe smaller ones that I could afford as I don't have $3,000 laying around.

I had to do some detective work to find the name of the artist, which is Kasha Ritter. Once I found it, I found her web site and contacted her. She is amazing. She sent me photos of several pieces she has available and I immediately fell in love with one in particular and I knew David would like it. Here is a photo:

It is 36" wide and 12" in height.

Kasha is an amazing artist and an amazing person. She totally gets that art is an investment and worked with me on the price and made it possible. It wasn't $3,000 but it is significantly more than I typically spend on his birthday. But it is worth it.

Ironically, last Saturday we were sitting in a local restaurant that has funky art on the wall and David made the comment that he still hates that he let the painting get away from him at the Art for the Animals. I played it cool on the outside, but inside I was screaming. "I did it, I did it. I picked the perfect gift."

I stopped and picked up the piece last night and she had it all wrapped along with a bottle of wine and candy bar as she believes art should be celebrated. Ironically the candy bar was a Toblerone - David's all time favorite.

This is so meant to be. I am giddy with excitement. Partly because I know he will love it and because I foresee a Kasha collection in our home for years to come.


Misty said...

That is beautiful! Way to go on getting the perfect gift!

mistylea said...

Love them! The colors are so bold and alive. David will love it!

MysteryGirl said...

Wow! I love it! I'm so glad you were able to get the perfect gift.