Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hairy Post

My hair is getting long. Almost as long as when I was 14 and attended a Pentecostal church. Gasp! I know.

I don't mind it long and my husband loves it long. What is it about men and long hair? He is constantly playing with it and I don't mind, but I just wonder what the fascination is.

Anyway, I have a lot of hair but it is thin, blow away hair so I don't have a lot of volume. It flattens real easy. Product doesn't help much as it weighs it down. So I tend to just keep it clipped up because it is easier.

So instead of putting stuff on it, I have been considering putting stuff "in" it, as in hair supplements. Does anyone have any experience using these type of products?

Share my peeps.


mistylea said...

This is very much a guy thing. My husband would like for me to grow out my hair and the girls to have their hair long too. Forget it! I just can't deal with it & it looks horrid. I keep reminding him it's not on his head!

MysteryGirl said...

I don't get the long hair thing. However it seems to be universal in the guy world.