Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why bother?

I read an article yesterday about how to make a fat free Thanksgiving dinner.

Give me a freaking break.

It is Thanksgiving folks. A time for those you love or have to tolerate to gather and feast on all your hard work while offering thanks for the blessings we all have so bountifully.

I am not reducing fat in my Thanksgiving meal. It is one meal, one day a year. Give it a rest.

Take a walk, run a mile or whatever physical fat burners is your preference, but don't ask for sugar free pumpkin pie or fat free mashed potatoes...not in my house.

In fact, I may just add an extra stick of butter (real butter, I don't ever use margarine) in the potatoes for the principle of the thing.


jeez cheese said...

HAHHA. very funny :]] made me laugh. Your absolutely right though. It's Thanksgiving! That one day where it's okay to eat "fatty foods". And plus, that would take a lot of work, trying to make a low calorie dinner. I say eat all you can eat, enjoy and praise God. :]]

Misty said...