Sunday, November 01, 2009

Shaking It Off - Donning An Apron

I have been sick with what started as a cold four weeks ago and then turned into an ear infection followed by bronchitis and ended up in the early stages of pneumonia.

The doctor said with my illness in September and then four weeks of this crap, my body just had no reserves to kick the virus' butt. But it sure kicked mine.

Today is day 6 of sitting in this house and up until yesterday, it didn't bother me because I felt so bad.

But that also meant, I wasn't cooking and when I did eat, it was either chicken noodle soup, scrambled eggs or fast food.

I was sick of it as I am sure my husband was too.

So yesterday I actually sat down and prepared a menu for the weekend and following week. The weeknights were easily prepared meals because with work, that is what they have to be or I give up and we order pizza.

But this weekend, I planned to cook - really cook.

And I did. It wore me out - but it felt good to be in the kitchen with an apron on and to actually set down with a plate of good food - not a bag of crap.

Last night I made polenta from scratch, chilled it and then cut it into squares and pan fried it in butter. I then grilled two small pieces of beef tenderloin to place on the polenta.

Then I sauteed red peppers, green peppers, and red onions in some olive oil. Adding dried cranberries and chopped marcona almonds, I topped it with some balsamic vinegar and let it reduce down.

This became the wonderful sweet and tangy topping for the steak that already topped the polenta.

Total yum. I rocked this out of the house.

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