Sunday, November 01, 2009

No Ace of Cakes

Awhile back a coworker asked if I could make her some cake pops for a bridal shower she was having and if I could decorate a cake.

The cake pops were easy. I made red velvet cake (her choice) and dipped them in a cornflower blue candy melt mixture and then put tiny white candy snowflakes on them. I individually wrapped them for favors. Sorry, forgot to take a picture.

But I haven't decorated a cake in years. I told her I would give it a try.

The theme of the wedding and shower was snowflakes. Her color was a cornflower blue and white.

Here is the finished product:

Different lights and camera settings make the blue look different in every picture. The one above is probably the best representation of the blue icing.

I made the snowflakes from white candy melts and then while still wet, I sprinkled some with iridescent luster flakes. A few others I waited until they were dry and brushed on some pearl dust to give them an iridescence.

I am pleased. Best of all - so was she.

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MysteryGirl said...

So beautiful!!