Sunday, November 01, 2009

My Favorites

Oprah has her "favorites" show and that is all fine and good. But I've been counting my blessings lately, partially because I've been so sick and it makes me feel better and partially because I've been stuck at home for 6 straight days and I am bored and being stuck here has made me appreciate our home.

So here are my favorite parts of our home that we've now been living in for the past 2 1/2 years:

  • All hard surface flooring. Though this can be hard on the feet - cleaning up after the dogs is so much easier without carpet. The hair doesn't stick - it actually floats around the room - to the fibers in the carpet and when they dribble at the water bowl - which they always do, the tile flooring absorbs the mess.
  • Speaking of tile flooring, it is next on my list. I love it in the kitchen and bathrooms so that when water drips - it absorbs and goes away.
  • My ceilings - I love the wood bead board ceilings in our home. It makes it look unique without looking like a cabin.

There are many aspects I enjoy, but these are the top three.

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