Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Reform Something

There is a lot of debate and discussion lately on healthcare and the need for reform. Regardless of what side of that table you sit, or maybe you are dancing on top, I think we can all agree some time of reform is needed.

We are lucky, our health insurance is provided by my employer. It isn't the greatest, but it is free and takes care of our needs. I often want to tell people when I hear them complain to price out some short term health insurance NC on their own and see how great our benefits truly are.

My husband told me he recently wrote the president a letter about healthcare. My jaw dropped. First he goes and votes for the first time in years and now he is writing letters as though they are college roommates on a first name basis.

And then I got a little worried. I wonder if I should expect men in black suits and wires coming out of their ears to show up at our front door soon.

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