Sunday, August 09, 2009

I'm No Longer A Virgin

Cornhole virgin, that is.

For those of you not from the midwest, cornhole is basically a bag toss game created by a bunch of drunk guys in their garage about 10 years ago.

Now it has become the national (well regional) past time like horse shoes and those dangerous yard darts we used to play (and still do because I have a older set that is now illegal).

Last night at the family birthday party - I played my first game of cornhole.

I hate that name. The bags are filled with corn - hence the name. But I still hate it.

I won, but only because my brother was my partner - and he is really good.

Here are some shots of others playing.

My nephew James on the left and my brother Rich on the right. In the background is my brother-in-law Rick and niece's husband Cody.

On the trampoline is the head of my niece Faith. Her whole body is on the trampoline, but you can only see her head. I didn't want you to think we had decapitated her and were casually continuing on with our games and fun.

What some would say is the best part of my brother, my niece's husband Cody and brother-in-law, Rick.

There you have it - cornhole.

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