Monday, July 20, 2009

Perverts Surprise

My husband works for a convenience store chain, similar to 7-11, but not. He is their senior solutions developer for programming and works at the main headquarters.

As does Marketing.

Every once in awhile Marketing will clean out their closet of promotional foods, toys and random items. They typically bring it to the Help Desk staff - for entertainment I guess.

A few things my husband has brought home in the past include Mountain Dew flavored Doritos (ick), a miniature rifle cigarette lighter/grill starter, sunglasses, and various other food items that may have or have not made it to the stores.

This past week the "extras" basket contained Slim Jims, Pixie Sticks, Nerds, and condoms.

I am not sure what to even say about that.

My husband called it the "perverts surprise".

1 comment:

Kim said...

ROFLOL! Wow that's the beginning of a um fun? weekend?