Friday, July 10, 2009

Mystery Box

Remember when I threw down the gauntlet at all you foodies with our own version of virtual Chopped?

Well you big chickens - no one dared take me on. I see you there hiding behind your avatars, knees shaking and teeth chattering, fearful of my culinary prowess. Sad, so so sad.

Well I have discovered another blogger who likes to take on challenges and experiment in the kitchen without fear of shame and ridicule... or salmonella.

C.G. - a self-proclaimed wino and foodie - started Mystery Ingredients Challenge a few months back...and she even gives prizes. This month's ingredients are tomatoes, milk, and blue cheese.

So I'm taking my knives and going to her house to least virtually.


nejyerf said...

i know i am the worst blog friend ever. it would seem as though i've fallen off the planet - blame in on the lure of facebook!!

anyhoo - i put a package in the mail for you yesterday

let me know when you get it

Melody said...

I got the box today! I had forgot all about those. Nice surprise, thank you.

BTW: Friend is not defined by frequency but in quality.

C.G. the Foodie said...

I am excited that you are going to take on the challenge!!!!

Oh and.... CONGRATULATIONS! You are the July Follower of the Month for Uncovering Me!!!! Please email me at debatespeak (at) gmail with a mailing address. I am hoping to get the mini prize packs out before I leave for vacation :-)

Melody said...

how cool!