Sunday, July 19, 2009

Better Than Humans

I am totally in love with our current foster dog, Oscar. He is such a sweetheart with a great personality and lovely soul.

He is an inspiration to all of us who wear our burdens proudly like we deserve pity from all those around us. This poor guy has been in an abusive situation, hit by a car, had a leg amputated and still pours out love to anyone who seeks it.

How many humans do you know that would survive that type of situation without suffering from some psychiatric disorder or need some sort of drug rehab to recover from the addictive medication taken to drown the pain?

Sometimes I don’t even think he knows he has only three legs. He gets around so amazingly. He outruns Cady and beats everyone to the top or bottom of stairs.

Oscar has chosen me as his person and I am extremely flattered.

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